Summary of the History of Amherst Baptist Church  

Pastors Through the Years
Pastor Walter Heilig (1957-1962)
Pastor Curtis Porter (1964-1985)
Pastor David Walker (July 1986 - January 1991)
Pastor Terry Robertson (August 1992 - August 2003)
Pastor Neil Boron (November 2005 - January 2008)
Pastor Dale R. Suel (January 2009 - Present)

The church began as a Bible study (Erie Chapel) of transplanted Southern Baptists in the 1950's. It was the third church in the Frontier Baptist Association and fourth in the New York Convention. In 1962 the original sanctuary was built with volunteer labor. Amherst was the first construction of a Southern Baptist church in the Northeast. Attendance was about 50. 
In 1969, the church added a two-story education wing and began a nursery school. By 1975, the church moved to two morning services. In 1980-81, the "Miracle Sanctuary" was built and so called because it was funded without a mortgage and God made Himself known in many ways during the process. When Pastor Porter resigned in 1985, church attendance/membership was 382/600. The church had assisted in the starting of 6 other churches: Rochester, Orchard Park, Sheridan Park, Fillmore Ave., North Tonawanda, and Lockport. 
By January 1990, there was a time of turmoil, the attendance was about 100 (197 members) and there were financial difficulties. In January 1991, Pastor Walker resigned. Attendance was about 25 adults (membership 60). 
The years of 1992-1997 can be described as years of restoration and healing. Attendance/membership increased to 192/204. At the same time the church took over the sponsorship of a new work, Wheatfield Bible Fellowship. In 1998, the FAITH visitation and outreach program was begun. By 2001, attendance/membership was 330/301. In August of 2003, when Pastor Terry resigned attendance/membership was 428/392, plus 75 attending the Russian Service.
Pastor Neil came on staff as an Assistant Pastor in 1999 and remained in that position during the search for a Senior Pastor.  In November of 2005, when he was installed as Sr. Pastor, attendance/membership was 398/330. 
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