“God sets the lonely in families….” Psalm 68:6

Caring for Orphans & Foster Children

Hopeful Horizons is an adoption, foster and orphan care ministry of Amherst Baptist Church in Amherst, NY. Our purpose is to motivate and equip members of our church and the community to serve orphans and foster children through adoption, foster parenting and orphan care missions activities.

Adoption and Foster Parenting Support & Education

Hopeful Horizons hosts educational meetings throughout the year which help provide foster and adoptive parents, as well as those who are learning about foster parenting and adoption, with information and resources to equip them to meet the unique emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of their children. Past meetings have included live and video-based lectures on attachment and bonding by local and national experts as well as a panel of adult adoptees that shared from their experiences growing up adopted and fostered. Other topics have included race relations and sibling issues. Take a look at our Hopeful Horizons events! We hope to see you there! 

Learn More

New and exciting things are happening in Western NY regarding ministry to local foster children and orphans around the world through a number of local church ministries. Below are a few online resources to get you started as you consider becoming a foster or adoptive parent or to support current adoptive and foster parents looking for support. Feel free to contact the Hopeful Horizons ministry team at hopefulhorizons@live.com or (716) 691-9456 ext 212.  We would love to hear from you!

Local Resources:

National Resources:

Get involved with Hopeful Horizons

You may choose to be involved with Hopeful Horizons by attending our upcoming events or by serving in a variety of positions. Volunteers are always needed in positions such as greeters at Amherst Baptist who direct guests to the appropriate meeting rooms for our events, coordinators for fundraisers such as our annual summer yard sale and bake sale to raise funds for orphan relief, summer picnic coordinators, and those who will gather to pray before and during our events for the Lord’s blessing.  

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