ABC online directory registration

Complete your registration

1. Enter into your browser and press enter.

2. In the third data field called Email Address, enter your email address that you emailed to the church and press the button Email Username & Password. You will see a pop-up window stating that your Username and Password was emailed to you.

3. If the browser gives you an error, send an email to with your preferred email address.We’ll set up the address and let you know when to try again.

4. You will receive an email from the server at the email address you supplied with your password.

5. Go back to the login window on your browser and enter your email address as the Username and the eight digit numbers as your password. Press login.

6. You have successfully completed the registration process.

Update your family profile page

1. Press the My Profile button and you will see you basic family information.

2. Press the Add Adult button to add details about the head-of-household. Go to any data field that is applicable to this person and add the appropriate information.

3. Continue to add adults and children by pushing the Add Adult button or Add Child button until every member of your household is included. Be sure to give accurate information for all members. You don’t need to repeat common information like the main household phone number or email address. Only information that is unique to that person is needed.

4. After you have completed the adult and children profiles, go to the top of the page and press edit to change the common household information.

5. (Optional) Press the Browse button to search your hard drive for the photo (.jpg format) of you or your family that you want to upload.

6. Continue editing the text fields. Choose from the pull-down window next to the word head and pick the first name of the head-of-household. If there is a spouse, choose that name in the pull-down window for the spouse field. After all the information is correct, press save.

7. Find your name in the name directory and click on your last name. This will take you to your family profile page that anyone can now view. You can return to your family page to update your photo and contact information at any time by pressing your Update Profile button.

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